Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fog City

Yesterday was motivational. A demonstration was called for and nearly a thousand like minded folks showed up. People would lay on colored sheets, tarps, anything visible by air, and spell out in huge letters, Tax The 1%. This lively confluence of colors and people happened on the sands of Ocean Beach. It's a mere twenty blocks from my house. Perfect. I grabbed a white sheet and walked on down. The sun was bright and warm, the sky azure, a truly glorious day. Volunteers had marked the letters in the sand and people just filled in. Everyone was in place at the appointed time, and the signal (waving a blue flag) was given to lay or lie down. A helicopter appeared from behind the Cliff House at precisely noon. It passed over the crowd several times, obviously taking photos. When the photo op was concluded, another signal was given and we all marched to the water's edge. Once in place we held hands forming a half mile human link. The scene was quite cosmic and reinforced the notion that positive energy can help. And just that quick it was over and I walked back home, with a smile on my face.