Monday, November 28, 2011

Fog City

Well now, there seems to have been a sizable gap between postings. Sorry folks but sometimes a mental slump is necessary. Especially as the holiday season gets into full stress mode. Also it's important to factor in uncontrolled weight gain, while trying to explain the the expanding slump. Boxes of delicious chocolates, elastic waist bands, inviting couch, and endless sports and movies on the idiot box, all contribute mightily to the slumping addiction. But I'll try to keep a firm grip on the wheel of debauchery, before it careens carelessly out of whack.
In the recent past, two occasions stand out as noteworthy. One; Brendan, Cassidy and myself met Ramsey downtown on a semi-rainy morning, to march in the SF Veteran's Day Parade. Ramsey was marching with a cadre of our Iraq Vets and we proudly joined the informal march. He served 10 months in harms way before being seriously injured by a random, enemy, hand held rocket. He had a long arduous recovery and still carries shrapnel throughout his body. He received the Purple Heart! A proud day indeed.
Two; My son Cassidy, his lovely wife Lauren, and their adorable daughter Ashby, hosted their first Thanksgiving extravaganza. 22 people were lucky enough to participate in this heartwarming, extended family affair. You could cut the genuine hospitality, like the moist turkey itself, with a butter knife. To be a patriarch, who knew? and see the free flow of positive genes work their magic, well it brings tears to these old eyes.