Friday, November 9, 2012

Fog City

I thought a couple of Halloween photos were in order. We spent the evening in Walnut Creek with my granddaughter Ashby. She and her parents were dressed like golfers, which wasn't much of a stretch for Cassidy. They had knickers with argyle socks and argyle sweaters, although they wouldn't scare anyone, they looked adorable. The neighborhood is children friendly and the houses were decorated and inviting. There were more parents and grandparents marching around than small children. It was a treat for me because I hadn't been out trick or treating since my boys were small. Ashby got the hang of it quickly and couldn't wait to knock on the next front door. She had her plastic pumpkin to collect candy, which I ate my fare share. Good old American fun!

Fog City

Recently my wonderful son, Cassidy, and his even more wonderful wife, Lauren, decided to generously treat Christine and myself to two nights in Carmel-by-the-Sea. We were luxuriously sequestered at the Carmel Country Inn B&B. The ambiance, the hospitality, the sumptuous buffets, were all superb. We strolled the narrow lanes taking in the sights, noticing the restaurants, the art gallery's, the novelty shops, the chocolate arcade, and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

For me the highlight of the mini-vacation was playing Pebble Beach Golf Links. Through one of Cassidy's college buddies, we were able to secure a tee time, no easy feat. If that wasn't enough, we were blessed with absolutely perfect weather conditions. Another rarity on the Northern California Coast. Cassidy drove down from the Bay Area for the special occasion, and we shared a cart, as well as sharing this unique experience. Christine had her own cart and acted as the official film maker, enjoying her duties, as well as the natural wonderland. We completed our round as the sun set on Pebble Beach and we smiled all the way to the parking lot, basking in our delight. A special memory for sure! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fog City

And in keeping with our Pink Theme, we were startled on our relaxing ride home, by this amazing rainbow. We were cruising down the freeway, discussing all the small joys we experienced during the wonderful day. As we were crossing the Bay Bridge and listening to the Giants game, Jon Miller was exclaiming on the radio, about the incredible rainbow. This natural wonder was a most fitting culmination to a day of many wonders. Family!
Well now, obviously the cake is out of the oven and cooled. Dr. Lauren spread a thin layer of frosting, and now Christine is applying the birthday decorations.  Christine also known as, Grama Kookie, is barely able to get the icing on, before Ashby, our little Giants fan, can finger it off. They both look intent on accomplishing their tasks. Both are too adorable!
When we returned home, Lauren had the fixings for a scrumptious dinner. A chocolate cake was baking in the oven, and the youngsters (Cass and Bren) were lying about, trying with all their might, to keep their eyes open. This lovely photo depicts Ashby's fecund imagination, as she imitates her mom's efforts, in her own miniature kitchen. Such a wunderkind!
This wonderful photo highlights the joy we all shared, celebrating Cassidy's day. We were nearing the end of the round, which arrived all too soon. The grand club house in the background awaited. Cassidy and I always compete for bragging rights, and fortunately for me, on this auspicious occasion, I prevailed. Not by any brilliance on my part, but simply by the three double bogeys he closed with. Too bad son. Brendan showed signs of true golfing talent, and of course kept us in stitches with one non sequitur after another. A grand time indeed!
Shades of Pink, the sartorial theme for Cassidy's 34th Birthday. Lovely Lauren reserved a mid morning tee time at the renowned "The Bridges Golf Club." The sky was slightly overcast, allowing for moderate temperatures throughout. The course was in excellent condition and Brendan's constant wit had us in a jovial mood.

Fog City

It's time again to update my blog. Two noteworthy events happened last weekend. First my cousin Nancy, on the left, was visiting her sister Mary in the East Bay. Fortuitously, to their delight, Mary's daughter had a baby boy on 8/30. Nancy was here about a week and the girls gallivanted around town enjoying the sights and delights. With some extra effort they visited us on a cool foggy evening at the SF Lawn Bowling Club. We were celebrating Elise Raher's birthday, so the gals got to meet most of the family.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fog City

I love these photos. When I was a young man and my son Ramsey was 2, we figured, what the hay, we'll just get a package of Hostess Cupcakes, put two candles in and sing Happy Birthday. That was 1978. When my son Cassidy's daughter, Ashby turned 2 last month, he thought it would be funny to do the same. And when I turned 64, I thought this could become a family tradition. And so it was.

Fog City

This wonderful video of my sweet granddaughter Ashby, keeps the family in stitches each time we watch it. She loves to sneeze and when she does it cracks her up and she doesn't want the sneezes to end. I actually filled out the paper work and sent this to the TV show, Funniest Home Videos. Of course I haven't heard anything, but it is a JOY!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fog City

Me and Lauren in our Ray Bans, and Ashby Jaye enjoying the festivities.

The Raher Girls waving Old Glory! Christine, Lauren and Ashby

Ashby has the best and safest seat in the house, her daddy's perch!

What, only a chip, where's my burger?

I'll take two if you please!
The 4th of July has come and gone. As with most events of supposed significance, I continue to procrastinate about posting my thoughts and photos. There is always a basic urge to celebrate in some form, but as the day approaches, just how, eludes me. I've gotten too old for dense crowds, and painfully high decibel levels, so what to do. Driving long distances is always a deterrent, as is schmoozing for hours with folks who don't share my opinions and perceptions. Fortunately my son and daughter-in-law, and my delicious granddaughter live in the near suburbs. We visited them enthusiastically to watch a typical, main street, American parade, wave our flags, and dress up in the Red, White and Blue. Access was easy, crowds were navigable, and my granddaughter could see all she wanted. We ate burgers and drank root beer and cream soda, and felt satisfied. A Happy 4th!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fog City

This wonderful video highlights the nonchalance of Ashby's development. She even subtly shows a disdain for having to continue to perform. My granddaughter is a pip and I will certainly enjoy watching her parents deal with the characteristics I know are coming.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fog City

As you know, time slips away, even more quickly as we age. At my age the days can become remarkably similar, only certain activities distinguish one from the other. Day light turns to night, but even the natural process can seem unable to differentiate. What is today, let me think, oh it's Saturday. See what I mean.
I did manage a brisk walk to the beach this morning, which was almost enjoyable. The day was bright and warm, with little wind, but every ilk of human was careening around. Large groups of cyclists sped hither and yon, small organized foot races filled streets and walkways, bumping into each other. Then the ubiquitous tour buses spewing diesel fumes stopped and started at all points of interest. The only ones indifferent or aloof from such frenzy were the buffalo lounging in their bare dirt spots across the meadow.

I did get down to Carmel last week for a NCGA sanctioned golf tournament. It was a two day event, the first round at Poppy Hills, and the second at Quail Lodge. The courses were in tremendous condition with firm fast greens. Greens we Lincoln duffers rarely get to play. It took considerable adjustment and more than a few mistakes were made. Scoring was by accumulating the two best balls of the four played, and subtracting the Index of those two players. We didn't play our best, but there is a lot of pressure in tournament play, and we finished tied for 9th in a 20 team field. So that was OK!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fog City

We recently celebrated the 75th birthday of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. It was a spectacular event and our very own radio station KFOG filmed it. Not only that they attached SF related music to the video extravaganza. The music and fireworks concluded, quite naturally, with "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," by Tony Bennett. Please sit back and enjoy the show.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fog City

Cass and Lauren holding my most special granddaughter Ashby. Look at her eyes, I like to think she has my observation qualities.

The lovely Elise trying her best not to act silly, and I think with the camera in such close proximity, it worked. Thanks Elise!

Christine and myself sharing the glow from our progeny and beyond.

Ah the happy couple basking in joyful knowledge, we made it this far!

Fog City

It's Monday. I walked to the coffee shop, ordered a cup, sat down to ruminate, and thought, I must look like the rest of the senior citizens staring out the window. Frankly there was something comforting about such a scenario. I watched the young select their beverage, and rush out tucking folders under their arms, peering into their iphones for help, with an urgency I surely didn't envy. I got up and left after my back began to ache, and meandered home.
Yesterday was another great Mother's Day, even though I'm not a mother. Christine organized a day at the races. The extended family, grandparents to infants, gathered for a Sunday brunch in the Turf Club at Golden Gate Fields. Everyone enjoyed a variety of food, over and over, and collectively got quite giddy about their whimsical betting. Whimsical it was, for no one won any money of note, but everyone wore an ecstatic smile! All our lovely ladies had their photo taken with the winning jockey after the 6th race, and a beautiful photo it is! Until next year...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fog City

I'm steaming! I just wrote a paragraph, which I quite liked and clicked to add photo and the whole operation disappeared. And Christine wonders why I'm on the computer so long, well I have to do everything about 3 times, not only that, then try to remember what I was commenting about. Arrgghh! It is Monday morning and we are in the throes of our brief summer. The temperature is in the mid 70s and the sun is working it's magic. It's tank top time! The weekend was exceptionally beautiful enhancing our two day lawn bowling tournament. You wouldn't think such an aesthetically pleasing spectacle could be so physically taxing, but I'm here to testify, it is! The club members are an extremely nice bunch, and a perfect antidote for the usual procession of murder stories on the news. I'm pooped this morning honing my computer skills. Really? Anyway I was pinning a food item on Pinterest and came across this refreshing website, and naturally wanted to share it. Check it out and enjoy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fog City

I have a list of things I want to do, but to my chagrin I take on the characteristics of a snail, with no direction. I have a magazine and a much desired book dead in front of me on the table. I will complete both soon, but I find a sort of reverse satisfaction in creating layers of procrastination. It's a mild application of Murphy's Law; don't do today, what you can put off until tomorrow, and on and on. I have other more serious projects which haven't passed the embryonic stage, like writing a memoir, or seriously and physically losing unwanted blubber, or getting real about my urban documentary film. So you see fraction and abstraction continue to be a distraction. Later!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fog City

Hello gang, just putzing around on the computer and decided to make a video celebrating Christine's 64th birthday. Which is Monday. She loves the Beatles tune "When I'm 64," and finally gets to apply it to her life and legacy. So enjoy and feel free to comment.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fog City

Well you guessed it, the rain has returned. I'm sure I should feel guilty for once again staying indoors. But after a life time of responsible labor, I believe I've earned the ability to lounge, in my robe, on the couch, watching movies, pausing only to scrounge around the refrigerator for another snack. Oops, Christine just returned from judging scholarship candidates at USF, and brought, to my surprise and delight, a steaming hot pizza. She's dope! Time to wallow in caloric decadence, mmm mmm good. Later...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fog City

It's Easter/Passover weekend and the neighbors upstairs have guests, mostly children, and the constant running and pounding are annoying to say the least. My only recourse is to turn the volume up on the TV. Luckily the noise was minimal during the dramatic Masters Golf coverage. And what a Masters it was. Regulation play ended in a tie between Bubba Watson and Louis Oostuizen, with Watson triumphant in a two hole playoff. Very exciting!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fog City

I bought a new painting, oil on canvas, by Matias Salas. I'll try and do it justice by taking it's picture and posting it. It has a culinary theme, obviously, and I first laid eyes on it, at the Studio Gallery, one of my favorite places, to bask in comfortable art.
I've been rolling along without a care in the world, well maybe a few, none so grave as to interfere with my leisure pursuits. I have a minor film project in its embryonic stage and a memoir idea in chaotic jig saw puzzle form. As long as the weather remains forbidding, I can watch movies and eat popcorn. Cheers!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fog City

I'm trying to upload a short video I made. Eventually it should take the form of a documentary, but that's wishful thinking. The gist is urban behavior, specifically the scavengers who rummage through garbage bins, collecting recyclables. I watch two ladies in the neighborhood who have refined their system and maximized their efforts.

City Scavengers from Tom Raher on Vimeo.

This is my experimental short, which I plan to make into a short documentary in the future. It deals with urban behavior in tough times. I'm waiting for a real camera provided by my ever attentive son, so it may be awhile!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fog City

Well a week of steady rain has subsided. Of course the common theme is, "we need it," and we did. The mountains got a ton of snow, which bodes well for the spring run off. Being housebound for most of last week coincided nicely with the start of March Madness. Consequently I was obliged to watch championship basketball from mid-morning until mid-night, hardly noticing the extreme weather outside. I should feel guilty for such a waste of time, but I don't. I don't hold time in such high regard as most, and I'm sure that is a personal flaw. I'll dwell on it when I get a moment.
Today the sky cleared and the brisk winds dried the landscape. We celebrated our St. Patrick's Day luncheon at the SF Lawn Bowling Club, consisting first, of a draw game of 14 ends, followed by a festive corned beef and cabbage feed. Everyone was in fine spirits, and the majority wore a bit of the green, honoring their psychological connection with the Irish in us all. Well sports fans, my recliner beckons for one final b-ball game before the weekend ends.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fog City

Family Pairs from Tom Raher on Vimeo.
Four generations of married couples, all my extended family. My sons connected to their great grandparents on a special slide show!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fog City

I'm adding art to my blog site so I can transfer it to Pinterest. I would like to blog about current Raher events, and will soon, but right now I'm trying new things. And as you know it is a slow process, especially for me, as I repeat most processes ad nausea.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fog City

There seems to be a serious gap in blog postings. Why? I think it's the post holiday blahs. All my natural rhythms, creatively speaking, were compromised. I'm sensing a resurgence of focus. This sensibility is manifested first physically, with a hint of exercising activity, and then with a clear mind tasks are completed. I'll admit our very temperate winter weather is a major factor in a timely recovery. There are very few things, like warm sunshine, for much needed motivation.
The holidays lasted over a month. It is indeed a test of endurance. Albeit each event was joyful and memorable. This positive characteristic is attributable to each and every family member, whose only goal was to share love. So I had little opportunity to express my cantankerousness.
My generous in-laws, Larry and Linda Brooks, invited everyone to their annual Hanukkah extravaganza. It's a fantastic food fest, surrounding the celebratory traditions. Larry has instituted a Hanukkup golf tournament, which is my highlight of the weekend. All the lads joyfully participate, but there is a slight undertow of serious competition. A traveling trophy (Hanukkup) is presented to the winner. It is a wonderful day of golf!
The conclusion of the long season was a lazy day at my house. After Christmas Mass, the local clan staggered over for Christine's nontraditional afternoon meal. We decided against another bite of turkey or ham. Instead we wallowed in the comfort of endless Sloppy Joes and chips. It worked for me!
There you have a partial and brief catch-up. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012