Sharing can be daunting, but my life is transparent, and I feel a need. I have good news, especially for old friends, who like me, misspent their youth recklessly. Hepatitis C can now be cured. I've spent six years in a state of flux, anxious over failed treatment, and long delays for FDA approval of new drugs. Thankfully it's over. My message is, regardless of the societal stigma, if in doubt get tested.
Thomas D Raher
9/4/2015 11:54 AM PDT
Good news. On September 2, 2015 there was no Hepatitis C virus detected.
Congratulations on your successful treatment for the eradication of Hepatitis C. The following are a couple of basic points you need to understand for the future:
1. Although the treatment was successful, you are not immune to Hepatitis C. If you become exposed again to the virus in the future, you could get Hepatitis C again.
2. When you were exposed to Hepatitis C, your body formed antibodies to fight the infection, but the antibodies did not work. There will always be antibodies to Hepatitis C found in your blood, even though the virus was eradicated.
If you have any questions regarding Hepatitis C, please feel free to contact me.
Jim Row NP
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