Friday, October 28, 2011

Fog City

Where have I been? Recently or presently, they are the same for the most part. I cling to now, but time stretches and bends, until remembering is difficult. So I'm circling, constantly circling, inside the confines of my cranium. My mind sails like a very slow rotating tornado, much of life's debris sticks, good and bad. While it's circling I gauge and select what's pleasing and store it. Of the debris that's less desirable, I allow it to spin out and back into the never ending flow of flotsam. Of course time re-asserts itself and the now, presently, becomes recently, and I have to start again, adjusting, selecting, detaching, waiting and wondering. These processes are continuous and sometimes I have to put my foot down and say no, no more. Distractions help, like a round of golf, or a game of lawn bowling, even a walk to the ice cream shop. Here I'm lucky, grateful, to be retired, because I can ponder while wandering and give new meaning to doing nothing. Yet circling. And when I share time with my granddaughter I realize the circle has encompassed her, and I know I'm blessed!