Monday, March 25, 2013

Fog City

I was lawn bowling yesterday, on a warm San Francisco afternoon, and a friend asked when I was going to update my blog. I thought to myself, hhmmm, good question. This blog site has taken a relative back seat to all the other activities out there, in social media land. I also get the sense that no one actually visits here, which minimizes my motivation to keep it current. But I suppose someday my children will resurrect these postings out of sheer curiosity.

It's been a long 4 months since I last visited this space and it has occurred to me, one very special event has changed my life, and all of our family's lives. Reese Casey Raher was born on December 8th, and for you Catholics, the feast of the Immaculate Conception. In her short 3 months, she has grown chubbier, now laughs at the least prodding, and so far has a wonderful disposition. We were graced the past two weekends, having the little ones, Reese and Ashby, stay with us. It's such a joy to witness the speed of their mental development. Ashby is really smart, and has an imagination that is far beyond her nearly 3 years. She'll sit in her little rocking chair, watching the cars go by, and exclaim how they are lions and tigers. I better add a couple pictures at this point.

It seems the photos automatically insert themselves where paragraph breaks are. I found a couple more I like. One I especially like because Ashby has captured my expression, which is peacefully watching golf on TV. I've titled it "Zen and the Art of Golf Viewing." Anyway the girls have naturally become major players in my life. People, places, activities, I once considered so significant in my life, have in some cases just disappeared. Do I miss them, well not really. At my age, I'm a completely different person. Although I remember what once moved me, and cling to some aspects, like the music, the ideals, but I don't have to preach, or sell what I think is right. I can just observe the little ones get smarter and smarter, and rejoice. Maybe I had a little something to do with the family river as it grows and spreads like a delta. When I look into their eyes, I feel good that I passed this way.