Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fog City

If I had the answer I'd gladly share it. I'm getting older and very near the end of my quest. Answers or understanding, have become infinitely more clear, as filtered through the lens of life experiences. Working at being mindful seems less arduous now that I'm retired. Day to day responsibilities can distract one, and cause unnecessary anxiety. Appointed solitude, a welcome by-product of aging, definitely softens a bad attitude. Clearing the way for joy and gratitude, of all things within arms reach, and beyond. So I sit here, looking out, watching the human "race" sail by on the river of time, and I'm calm. Here I need a segue, but lacking one I'll just continue.
      Events of the past couple months, (family) have created an emotional roller coaster ride. I won't bore you with the sordid details, although the drama of it all is worthy of being a short story. My son might be persuaded to put pen to paper, and secure it's place for posterity. Ultimately, I've inadvertently been blessed. A wonderful young woman has come into my life, and her name, Reina implies royalty, and she certainly carries herself regally. She comes bearing a gift, the gift of life. You see I'm going to be a grandfather, and there is no greater joy. So I thank her, and I hope our recent encounter is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship. We didn't know, but feeling the baby, our hands formed a heart. Cosmic!!