Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fog City

What can I say. We were quite inspired after our close encounter with the "Blues Broads." Driving back across the Bridge, the City was sparkling like a jewel in the night, and we realized we hadn't seen the digital light show, streaming down each cable of the Bridge. The best vantage to see such spectacular art is Pier 7. A work of art itself, lined with old style street lamps, benches facing each way, an uneven boardwalk, and views to die for. We walked half way down the Pier, and sat marveling at the light show, both on the Bridge, and the beautiful skyline.
Although a bit dark and amateurish, I think you can grasp a little of what we were seeing and feeling!
Christine walking down Pier 7, as you can see we had this wonder to ourselves!

The digital light show, moves both vertically and horizontally, creating moving abstractions.

A perfect place for reflection, no pun intended.

Fog City

We recently were prompted to venture across the Bridge to Berkeley, for a night of classic and powerful Blues. These ladies, all legends in their own right, combined to remind us all, what good music is all about. They are known as "The Blues Broads," from left to right, Dorothy Morrison, Tracy Nelson, Angela Strehli and Annie Sampson, and can they wail.

Here we are having coffee and juice, at a sidewalk cafe, prior to the show. The entrance to UC Berkeley is across the street, and we watched the parade of gowned graduates marching in, for one of many graduations.