Monday, January 30, 2012

Fog City

There seems to be a serious gap in blog postings. Why? I think it's the post holiday blahs. All my natural rhythms, creatively speaking, were compromised. I'm sensing a resurgence of focus. This sensibility is manifested first physically, with a hint of exercising activity, and then with a clear mind tasks are completed. I'll admit our very temperate winter weather is a major factor in a timely recovery. There are very few things, like warm sunshine, for much needed motivation.
The holidays lasted over a month. It is indeed a test of endurance. Albeit each event was joyful and memorable. This positive characteristic is attributable to each and every family member, whose only goal was to share love. So I had little opportunity to express my cantankerousness.
My generous in-laws, Larry and Linda Brooks, invited everyone to their annual Hanukkah extravaganza. It's a fantastic food fest, surrounding the celebratory traditions. Larry has instituted a Hanukkup golf tournament, which is my highlight of the weekend. All the lads joyfully participate, but there is a slight undertow of serious competition. A traveling trophy (Hanukkup) is presented to the winner. It is a wonderful day of golf!
The conclusion of the long season was a lazy day at my house. After Christmas Mass, the local clan staggered over for Christine's nontraditional afternoon meal. We decided against another bite of turkey or ham. Instead we wallowed in the comfort of endless Sloppy Joes and chips. It worked for me!
There you have a partial and brief catch-up. Stay tuned.