Monday, May 20, 2013

Fog City

Well faithful followers, if there are any, it's time to get something down on paper. My journey of life has flowed without interruption for an extended period. My only real concern is this old age paunch which has gotten slightly out of control. I attribute my inability to reverse the problem, to the inevitable age factor. Once I could jog calories into oblivion, but with joint pain, reduced stamina, and literally no motivation, my only recourse is to eat less. And we know that doesn't work. Oh, it works for awhile, but then a holiday (eating), a family gathering (eating), a pizza with my name on it (eating), all happen more frequently. I have my personal resolve, however diminishing, and I will prevail. Keep your fingers crossed.
We've recently returned from Palm Desert, and the home of Larry and Linda Brooks. It was the occasion of our annual golf tournament and food fest. What made it special this year was the sharing of new babies. There were babies everywhere. We met Neri and Adam's daughter Noa, Steven and Amanda's son Layton, Cassidy and Lauren's second daughter Reese, and the older toddlers, all around two years old, Isaiah, Lila and my sweetheart, Ashby! Whew! Luckily Larry has the space to accommodate such chaos, even a swimming pool to placate frayed nerves. Actually smiles were the attire for all participants, and everyone had a great time. I'll try to raise a couple of photos to represent our good time.