Friday, July 5, 2013

Fog City

Summer is here. You wouldn't believe it, but we've experienced an extended heat wave. Of course here, close to the ocean, the temperature was simply perfect. 75 degrees. But inland, especially where Cassidy lives, in Walnut Creek, the days were over 100 degrees, lasting longer than a week. He and Lauren hosted a low key 4th of July celebration. Cassidy grilled hamburgers, which we ate closer to noon, to avoid the heat of the day. Brendan and Elise shared in the festivities, adding their usual humor to the proceedings. Lauren created a fruit salad in the image of our American flag. Impressive! Ashby the apple of our collective eye, turned 3 the day before on the 3rd. She wasn't at all concerned about hearing Happy Birthday being sung to her, or for that matter, being in the limelight. Her real achievement, which she did enjoy sharing, was finally going potty in the toilet. A true milestone. It was a fine day indeed. I'm very grateful for my family! Enjoy a few photos.