Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fog City

A few things, (I love using the word thing, it expresses and defines all of what I want to say and can't find the word or words), stand out from the recent  past. Some I can illuminate with photos and some I can't. I'll start with a phenomenon which has caused me much concern and anxiety. As my family and friends know, (and probably the only people who might actually read this), I have Hep C, which advances slowly yet inexorably. The new year has brought forth a rash of new and effective drugs, which all pharmaceutical companies are racing to get approved and market. Very costly I might add. I've reconnected with my doctor and done all the preliminary screening, and with my constant prodding, shall soon embark on another treatment. We are just waiting for the FDA to approve the drug I will combine with an already approved drug. What makes these new drugs better? Well the success rate is virtually 100%, the treatment length is 3 months, instead of 12, with no injections, oral only, and the side affects are less debilitating. So that's that!
    Now, we were downtown running an art errand. After that interesting encounter concluded, we decided to walk around the corner to the John Spence Gallery and view the art on display. Most of the remarkable paintings were well out of my price range, except one. One of the last viewed struck my fancy and I immediately inquired about purchasing it. Ironically the person I asked, who was working the desk, happened to be the artist. He was pleasantly surprised and we had a explanatory chat. The young artist was a graduate of the Art Academy, like most of the artists whom I've collected. It was a perfect meld for both of us.