Thursday, October 15, 2015

40 years of marriage

I just spent a truly wonderful and important weekend. Christine and I celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary. She orchestrated the entire weekend like a maestro conducting an orchestra. My three sons and their families honored us with their presence, their humor, support, and doing all that was asked, without hesitation. A grand dinner was shared, with applicable toasts, and a poignant poetic reading by all three men. Quite moving indeed. The children must have sensed the familial aspect, because they were all angels.
    The next morning, Sunday, we attended 10:30 Mass. After Mass the families gathered again, to witness Father Koepland administer our marriage vows, again. It was a brilliant ceremony. The children encircled us on the altar, while we repeated the sacred vows. Many photos were taken, capturing our historic moment. We are extremely proud. The caravan returned to our humble abode, where Christine prepared a sumptuous buffet. A relaxed, banter filled afternoon ensued. Pictures were taken, babies hugged, puzzles arranged, baseball watched, the weary napped, and I basked in the glorious love! Amen