Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fog City

My mind is reeling. It's late in the day and the sun has unceasingly radiated my cold gray world since dawn. I'm sure if this change persists the natives will be hysterically complaining about the intolerable heat. I never do. Just when the uninitiated dig their short sleeve shirts from the bottom of the drawers, the cool sea breeze forewarns of the imminent fog. Hallelujah!
    I visited the Studio Gallery to see if my auction bid was successful, but it wasn't even close. Greg Gandy the painter has a large and devout following who were willing to pay quite handsomely. I have three of his paintings anyway and frankly no money. It was an invigorating social gathering. I talked to other artists I knew, and have purchased their works. The auction was a success and the proceeds went to a worthy cause indeed.
    The Polk Street Fair was happening also. It was in direct competition with the Folsom Fair which draws the flamboyant. Polk was dead, no crowds, but the music was extremely good. Especially Kaye Bohler, a soul and blues diva who rocked. http://www.kayebohler.com/index.php All ye of young hearts check her out. Now I'm out