Monday, October 17, 2011

Fog City

Today is different. Why? Simple, the fickle weather has finally agreed to a performance of virtuosity. The warm sun, bright and magnetic, inspires women to sport body baring fashions and the visual is most alluring. The inanimate City itself dances a tango of sensuality and breathing this refined, perfumed air transforms one into the poet bursting forth. All of the senses can feast on a day like this. Even the sirens blaring from red racing fire engines seems surreal, and the cacophony resonates. Colors, sounds, smells, all, are heightened with an unnatural vibrancy. Simply awesome!
And this was the scene, the setting, Saturday afternoon on Potrero Hill here in the City. The views of the downtown skyline were, and are magical. The happy children ran, zig zagging through the crowd, drawn to booths with expected sweets. Local politicians waded amongst the revelers, glad handing and soliciting votes for the upcoming election. Booo! At the end of the block on stage, were the Soul Delights. This wonderful group plays smaller venues, ones that suit my criteria to a tee. As their name suggests they truly delight, covering classic soul sounds which I grew up on. I'm going to post a short video sample I enjoyed taking, for your listening pleasure.