Monday, May 7, 2012

Fog City

I'm steaming! I just wrote a paragraph, which I quite liked and clicked to add photo and the whole operation disappeared. And Christine wonders why I'm on the computer so long, well I have to do everything about 3 times, not only that, then try to remember what I was commenting about. Arrgghh! It is Monday morning and we are in the throes of our brief summer. The temperature is in the mid 70s and the sun is working it's magic. It's tank top time! The weekend was exceptionally beautiful enhancing our two day lawn bowling tournament. You wouldn't think such an aesthetically pleasing spectacle could be so physically taxing, but I'm here to testify, it is! The club members are an extremely nice bunch, and a perfect antidote for the usual procession of murder stories on the news. I'm pooped this morning honing my computer skills. Really? Anyway I was pinning a food item on Pinterest and came across this refreshing website, and naturally wanted to share it. Check it out and enjoy.