Monday, May 14, 2012

Fog City

It's Monday. I walked to the coffee shop, ordered a cup, sat down to ruminate, and thought, I must look like the rest of the senior citizens staring out the window. Frankly there was something comforting about such a scenario. I watched the young select their beverage, and rush out tucking folders under their arms, peering into their iphones for help, with an urgency I surely didn't envy. I got up and left after my back began to ache, and meandered home.
Yesterday was another great Mother's Day, even though I'm not a mother. Christine organized a day at the races. The extended family, grandparents to infants, gathered for a Sunday brunch in the Turf Club at Golden Gate Fields. Everyone enjoyed a variety of food, over and over, and collectively got quite giddy about their whimsical betting. Whimsical it was, for no one won any money of note, but everyone wore an ecstatic smile! All our lovely ladies had their photo taken with the winning jockey after the 6th race, and a beautiful photo it is! Until next year...