Friday, September 7, 2012

Fog City

And in keeping with our Pink Theme, we were startled on our relaxing ride home, by this amazing rainbow. We were cruising down the freeway, discussing all the small joys we experienced during the wonderful day. As we were crossing the Bay Bridge and listening to the Giants game, Jon Miller was exclaiming on the radio, about the incredible rainbow. This natural wonder was a most fitting culmination to a day of many wonders. Family!
Well now, obviously the cake is out of the oven and cooled. Dr. Lauren spread a thin layer of frosting, and now Christine is applying the birthday decorations.  Christine also known as, Grama Kookie, is barely able to get the icing on, before Ashby, our little Giants fan, can finger it off. They both look intent on accomplishing their tasks. Both are too adorable!
When we returned home, Lauren had the fixings for a scrumptious dinner. A chocolate cake was baking in the oven, and the youngsters (Cass and Bren) were lying about, trying with all their might, to keep their eyes open. This lovely photo depicts Ashby's fecund imagination, as she imitates her mom's efforts, in her own miniature kitchen. Such a wunderkind!
This wonderful photo highlights the joy we all shared, celebrating Cassidy's day. We were nearing the end of the round, which arrived all too soon. The grand club house in the background awaited. Cassidy and I always compete for bragging rights, and fortunately for me, on this auspicious occasion, I prevailed. Not by any brilliance on my part, but simply by the three double bogeys he closed with. Too bad son. Brendan showed signs of true golfing talent, and of course kept us in stitches with one non sequitur after another. A grand time indeed!
Shades of Pink, the sartorial theme for Cassidy's 34th Birthday. Lovely Lauren reserved a mid morning tee time at the renowned "The Bridges Golf Club." The sky was slightly overcast, allowing for moderate temperatures throughout. The course was in excellent condition and Brendan's constant wit had us in a jovial mood.