Friday, November 9, 2012

Fog City

Recently my wonderful son, Cassidy, and his even more wonderful wife, Lauren, decided to generously treat Christine and myself to two nights in Carmel-by-the-Sea. We were luxuriously sequestered at the Carmel Country Inn B&B. The ambiance, the hospitality, the sumptuous buffets, were all superb. We strolled the narrow lanes taking in the sights, noticing the restaurants, the art gallery's, the novelty shops, the chocolate arcade, and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

For me the highlight of the mini-vacation was playing Pebble Beach Golf Links. Through one of Cassidy's college buddies, we were able to secure a tee time, no easy feat. If that wasn't enough, we were blessed with absolutely perfect weather conditions. Another rarity on the Northern California Coast. Cassidy drove down from the Bay Area for the special occasion, and we shared a cart, as well as sharing this unique experience. Christine had her own cart and acted as the official film maker, enjoying her duties, as well as the natural wonderland. We completed our round as the sun set on Pebble Beach and we smiled all the way to the parking lot, basking in our delight. A special memory for sure!