Friday, December 6, 2013

Fog City

I wanted to acknowledge family members, and Mid-Westerners in general, a hearty lot indeed, after the devastation reeked recently, by a swarm of tornadoes, tearing through Washington Illinois, specifically. Luckily my Aunt Rose was spared the heart wrenching destruction, so many of her neighbors were not.  I sometimes feel the relief agencies, i.e. government of all levels, the media, have a tendency to down play local, down home disasters, in direct contrast to other disasters around the globe. This life changing occurrence, certainly was short lived on the national consciousness, but I'm sure those affected didn't care. They don't sit around waiting for distant help, they get busy. They come together, a unified front, and everyone pitches in. They accept, without pity, their situation and figure the best remedy for all. Inclusion not exclusion. Children learn the finer qualities of the human spirit, watching their parents perform admirably. I appreciate this characteristic!

 A hearty thank you to my cousin Matt Raher, and Megan Raher for news updates and photos like these.