Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fog City

I was meandering through iPhoto, which I rather like doing, because we have thousands of photos, depicting family members and experiences. Many get passed over for being unremarkable. In any event they are stored on the computer. Periodically I'll wade in and delete as many irrelevant photos as I can manage. I do get waylaid more often than not by my mesmerizing granddaughter, Ashby. She shuns, for the most part, posing for pictures, although she acquiesces, when family pics are required. I'm always taken aback when I see her frozen in time, with expressions, or actions, suggesting an entire universe behind those absorbing eyes. She never fails to draw me in. I try to imagine what she is imagining. The wonder I see, is wonderful to me, and reminds me the film of callousness I've nurtured over a lifetime, is useless. Enjoy!